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One of Flatland CrossFit coaches is not only a CrossFit coach but a certified health coach! Emily Holt gives tips and advice HERE, our nutrition blog! Check it out!


Who’s sick and tired of starting another diet every few months? Who feels trapped by the constant decision of what you should be eating versus what you want to eat? If you want to figure out how to eat for your specific body and needs while finally being free from the constant mental food battles, then let’s get together and figure it out! As your health coach, I want to help you change habits and routines so that 2016 brings forth the healthiest, happiest, strongest version of you!


12 Week Total Transformation program: We will meet one-on-one for 30-45 minutes a week for 12 weeks. These sessions will be used to help you discover what is right for your body. There will be no one size fits all diet program. Through a series of topics and experiments throughout the 12 weeks, you’ll learn what’s been holding you back and what to do to move forward into the body and lifestyle you’ve always wanted!

Upfront payment for all 12 sessions: $300

Pay per session: $40/session

*Contact me for a free intro session if you have more questions about the program


4 Week Recharge: Have something specific in mind that you want to try and need more accountability, direction, or information? Maybe a Whole30, paleo challenge, or the Zone diet? Let’s get you on your way! We’ll meet once a week for 30-45 minutes to discuss challenges, plans, menus, and more.

Upfront payment for all 4 session: $100

Pay per session: $40/session


Power Session: Just have some nutrition questions or need to find your motivation again? Let’s get it figured out!