30 Day Group Wellness Challenge

    The Thirty Day Challenge incorporates three main health elements into participants’ daily lives: nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle habits. The challenge is set up on a point system, and there will be two overall winners, one for the highest percentage of body fat lost, and one for the highest number of points accumulated.

    The challenge will loosely follow the Paleo style of eating due to the fact that most people see big results when eliminating the top 5 food irritants from their diet: gluten, dairy, soy, alcohol, and sugar. Daily meals and snacks will be recorded and points will be given if the guidelines were followed. However, it is important to note that this is a wellness challenge, not just a crash diet. The point is to learn how you can enjoy healthy living, and that means having a treat every now and then. Treat meals and even treat days are incorporated into the challenge.

    Exercise can be ANY type of movement! Walking, jogging, weight lifting, boot camp, yoga, kickball with the kids, pool games, roller skating, lawn mowing, you name it! If you’re off the couch, or out of the office, it counts. Points will be given in 30 minute increments of movement.

    Total body wellness involves far more than exercising and watching what you eat. Participants will be given points for drinking water, good sleep habits, 10 minutes of stretching and/or foam rolling, and 10 minutes of “Soul Food” (Praying, journaling, reflective reading, meditation, relaxation breathing. This can be anything that is uplifting for you, calming, and a break away from stress).

    Meat, eggs, fruit, veggies, nuts, rice, oats, honey, and spices will be on the menu for the Wellness Challenge. There are endless tasty dishes to be had from these whole, clean foods. Foods that will not give any points:

    · Grains (bread, pasta, baked goods, tortillas, corn-based foods)
    Exceptions: rice and oats
    · Dairy (milk, yogurt, cheese)
    · Legumes (beans, peanuts, soybeans and soy-based products)
    · All forms of sugar (white sugar, corn syrup, maple syrup, agave)
    Exceptions: stevia and honey in small quantities
    · Processed foods. Basically anything that comes in a package. If you have to read through the ingredients list and wonder if it’s allowed or not, or if the ingredients list has several words you can’t define, it most likely isn’t allowed.
    · Alcohol


    · 1 point for each meal/snack not containing any of the above
    · 1 point for drinking at least 64 oz. of water in a day
    · 1 point per 30 minutes of exercise
    · 1 point for getting at least 7 hours of sleep
    · 1 point for 10 minutes of stretching/foam rolling per day
    · 1 point for 10 minutes of Soul Food per day

    You will receive a daily email with tips, recipes, and motivation. These emails will include tons of great information to help you succeed both during and after your challenge. A link to your daily food and habits log will be in these emails. Just click the link, fill out the form, and submit it each evening to get your points. This can easily be filled out from your computer or phone.

    Price: $30/person.

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    Day 30

    It’s the last day of the paleo nutrition challenge! Congratulations to everyone who made so many positive changes over the past month. We’ve been hearing all about your great results, not only with weight and fat loss, but just with overall feeling better and more energized! If you haven’t read the blog from day 24, scroll down a bit and take a minute to look over it. It talks all about reintroducing your old favorites back into your diet and using this time to learn something about your body. Here’s a few more things as we wrap up the challenge:

    • You can start weighing in and getting your body fat percentage tomorrow (Wednesday, February 17). Make sure a coach gets it recorded.
    • Contact Emily at if you’d like to set up a free session to further plan out your nutrition needs and talk about next steps!
    • Winners will be announced by the end of the week, so make sure you get weighed and measured by then.

    Keep up the great work team! Now that you’re all feeling great and ready to dominate, don’t forget to head on over to and register for the 2016 Open. It’s going to be an awesome time of reaching new limits and enjoying some friendly Flatland competition. See you at the box!

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    Day 24

    Only 6 more days left of our paleo nutrition challenge! You guys are doing great and I’ve loved hearing about your successes and reading about what you’re eating. Some of you are doing an awesome job at being creative with your meals so you don’t get bored. With only 6 days left, I’m sure thoughts of Blue Bell ice cream, ice cold beer, and Texas Roadhouse rolls are dancing around in your head. You may even be planning out all the restaurants you need to hit up starting at breakfast on day 31. While there’s nothing ever wrong with having a treat or two, don’t cancel out all the work you’ve put in this month! I’m not talking about gaining back weight or body fat percentage. The benefits of this type of eating reach far beyond that and your body is functioning at a higher, more efficient level than it was before. What I’m talking about is using all your hard work as an opportunity to learn something about your body by reintroducing foods you’ve been avoiding one at a time. Many people discover after a challenge like this that foods they thought they tolerated just fine were actually causing all sorts of pains and problems that they had just accepted as “normal.” Maybe your occasional stomach cramping was actually caused by dairy. Maybe those allergy symptoms you couldn’t shake was an intolerance to gluten. Maybe that afternoon headache had to do with the sugar you consumed during your lunch. But how will you know which foods cause which problems if you flood your system with them all at once? The awesome thing is that your body is your very own FREE experimental laboratory. And now that you’ve spent a few weeks clearing out your system, you have a clean slate to run tests on. So, think twice about having the rolls, beer, and ice cream all at once and as soon as you can. Reintroduce food groups one by one, and really pay attention to how that food makes you feel. This is the perfect time to learn more about what you can eat to ensure you always feel your best. Let me know if you need help making a game plan for day 31 and beyond!

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    Day 17

    You’re over half-way done with the nutrition challenge! By now you’ve probably gotten into a routine and have found some go-to meals that you like and are easy for you. Don’t get too bored in that routine with these last 13 days and let all your efforts go to waste! Get creative with your meals and snacks and have some fun. You’re going to have to with the Super Bowl coming up! These two websites have tons of recipes to look through so you can keep your Super Bowl snackage clean. Enjoy!

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    Day 9

    One week down for the 30 day challenge! Everyone has started out great and many are already starting to see results. If you aren’t seeing physical changes or don’t feel like your clothes are fitting looser, don’t give it up just yet. Take a minute and think about if you’ve seen any other results. Maybe your midday crash isn’t as severe, or your lingering cold has finally disappeared. Do you have fewer headaches? Do you wake up feeling a little more refreshed than usual? While losing weight, inches, and body fat is usually the number one goal, there are so many other benefits to eating a clean diet. Think about how you’re feeling different today and enjoy some good eats this week!

    Pizza Spaghetti Pie



    • 1 large spaghetti squash
    • 1 pound italian sausage
    • ½ yellow onion, diced
    • 1 cup pizza sauce (no sugar added)
    • 1 teaspoon dried basil
    • salt and pepper, to taste
    • 3 eggs, whisked
    • (optional: add anything you like with pizza: veggies, basil, etc)


    1. Preheat oven to 400 degrees.
    2. Cut spaghetti squash in half lengthwise. Place spaghetti squash cut side down on a baking sheet and bake for 20-25 minutes or until the skin of the squash gives when you press on it. Then reduce oven heat to 350 degrees.
    3. Once squash is done cooking, remove threads and place in an 8x8 greased baking dish.
    4. Place a large pan over medium heat. Add italian sausage and onion. Cook until pink no longer remains in the sausage and it is broken up into pieces.
    5. Add pizza sauce, dried basil and salt and pepper to the pan and mix well.
    6. Add sausage mixture to the 8x8 dish and mix well with spaghetti squash threads.
    7. Lastly, add whisked eggs to the baking dish and mix everything together until you can no longer see the eggs.
    8. Place in oven and bake for 1 hour or until the top of the mixture forms a slight crust that doesn't give when you press on it in the middle of the dish.
    9. Let rest for 5 minutes before serving.


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    Nutrition Challenge FAQS

    It's day 1 of the 30 Day Nutrition Challenge! Hopefully it got off to a great start for everybody and you’re ready to get the ball rolling! Here are just a few things that have come up regarding the challenge.

    Can I have coffee?

    Yes, coffee and tea are fine as long as they are unsweetened. Add some lemon juice to tea if you need it. If you can’t stand black coffee and miss your creamer, then try bulletproof coffee. Pour your cup of coffee into a blender with a spoonful of coconut oil and a dash of cinnamon. Blend it for a few seconds. The coconut oil blends in and leaves you with a creamy coffee drink that isn’t oily at all.

    Are there any milk substitutes I can have?

    Almond milk and coconut milk are fine as long as they are unsweetened and unflavored. The best way to go is to get canned coconut milk in the Asian food section of the grocery store because there are zero additives.

    What about protein powder?

    Although protein powder isn’t paleo, it’s allowed on the challenge. That being said, this is a good time to test out your protein powder and see if it’s something you really do need. Cut it out for a few days and notice if you feel any better or if there’s no difference at all. Why take it if it’s not helping? Also, be sure you’re eating real meals as often as possible and not using protein shakes as a meal replacement.

    What if I’m out of town and can’t get to the gym for the WOD points?

    Do a WOD in your hotel room! Submit what you did in the “Comments” section of the journal and you can still get your WOD points for the day.

    How do I eat out?

    There are lots of places you can still go and eat clean. At burger places, get a burger without the bun and load it up with veggies. At Mexican food places, go for fajitas and just ask for no tortillas or sides. Top the meat and veggies with salsa and guacamole and you’re good to go! At steakhouses get a steak and sweet potato. There is PLENTY to eat without having to order a boring grilled chicken salad at every single restaurant.

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    Nutrition Challenge

    When: January 18-February 16

    Cost: $30

    Prizes: There will be 2 winners. One for the highest percentage of body fat loss, and another one for highest number of points (explained below).

    What to eat: Paleo. Any meat, fruit, veggies, nuts or seeds. Items that are NOT paleo include:

    • Grains (bread, pasta, baked goods, tortillas, corn-based foods)
      • Exceptions: rice and oats
    • Dairy
    • Legumes (beans, peanuts, soybeans and soy-based products)
    • All forms of sugar (white sugar, corn syrup, maple syrup, agave)
      • Exceptions: stevia and honey in small quantities
    • Processed foods. Basically anything that comes in a package. If you have to read through the ingredients list and wonder if it’s paleo or not, it most likely isn’t.
    • All of it.

    Point system: Points will be given and taken away each day. Here’s how you can earn and lose:

    • +10 points for a perfect Paleo day of eating
    • +5 points for drinking at least 64 oz. of water in a day
    • +5 points for showing up at Flatland and doing a WOD (max 10 points/week)
    • +3 point for getting 8 hours of sleep
    • -3 points for each cheat (anything that has grains, sugar, dairy, soy, legumes, or alcohol). Max of -9 points/day, and there will be no negative scores.

    How we are keeping track: Under the “My Journal” tab on Wodify you are able to log your daily meals, water intake and amount of sleep. You can enter in if you did a workout in the “My Comments” box. (There is also a box for entering your weight every day. This one is not necessary to fill out. We’ll weigh again at the end.) These journals will be seen by the coaches to help hold you accountable and to track your points. This is obviously on the honor system. We know you can log perfect meals every day if you wanted. But what good does that do for you? Let’s take 30 days and give ourselves an honest effort in eating nutritious food, crushing some WODs, sleeping well, and feeling great.

    Get signed up at the gym before the 18th! We will be measuring body fat and weighing. Let us know if you have any questions!

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    Nutrition. It’s a word that is tossed around all gyms, fitness magazines, doctor’s offices, and in everyday conversation. But why do we need it? And if you’re sold out for CrossFit and in the gym every time it’s open, do you really need to focus on proper nutrition? Won’t the hundreds of burpees and thrusters and back squats do the trick for those few extra pounds? Not really. CrossFit (and normal life), places nutrition as the number one building block for ALL physical activities. Check this out:

    CF Hierarchy of Development (1)

    Nutrition “lays the foundation for fitness and health.” Imagine if the green Weightlifting block was on the bottom of that triangle. Or the Nutrition block was on the very top. While you may be able to ignore nutrition and get away with running off your beer and burritos for a while, eventually all of those pieces of the triangle are going to get too off-balanced and topple over. You’re going to stop seeing physical results, stop feeling better, and no longer see increases in weight loads or decreases in your mile or Fran time. Or worse, you’ll come down with every single common cold floating around, start noticing various aches and pains, and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars at doctors’ offices.

    So, now we know the overall “why” when it comes to nutrition. We want to see results, and we can’t get there without putting the right things in our bodies. But this isn’t the only reason. We all have something else that drives us. What is your “why”? Do you want to live to see your great-grandchildren? Officially get off all medications? Be confident in your own skin? Take a few minutes today to figure out your “why” and jot it down somewhere you will see it and be reminded of your ultimate goals. Stay tuned for what to eat to lay that solid nutrition foundation!

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