Kristin Nankervis

What has CrossFit done for me?

I don’t know where I would be physically, mentally, or emotionally if I hadn’t found CrossFit 3 months ago. In years past, I would get bursts of motivation and lose weight by running on the treadmill, only to put it back on when I stopped. As a medical student training to become a doctor, I had trouble balancing my desire for personal fitness with my extremely busy schedule. This year, the unexpected loss of my father and other huge stressors caused me to ditch another workout routine and just give myself a break. However, as I began my second year of medical school in the fall, while still dealing with grief, I knew I had to take better care of my body in order to succeed academically. Since starting Crossfit, I have lost over 15 pounds and gained noticeable muscle tone! I have more energy, lots of motivation, and a WOD can completely turn a bad mood around. For the first time in my life, I look forward to working out and am sad when I miss a day. After each WOD I feel accomplished, empowered, and proud of myself, which helps me feel less overwhelmed in other areas of my life. Crossfit brings out the athlete in me, motivates me, and has introduced me to a world of exercise I never knew existed – one that can be fun!

Why Flatland?

Flatland was the first Crossfit box I tried in Lubbock. Looking back, I was lucky to have found it so quickly! The members are friendly and motivated, and push me every day. The gym itself is spacious and well-equipped, even for large classes. Another perk specific to Flatland is the amazing website and mobile app that lets me easily pay, log times and weights, and look back at my progress. The coaches design extremely challenging and effective workouts but always know how to tailor moves to your individual needs. They review basic techniques before each workout, make sure you are always warmed up, and critique your form so that you are safe every time you pick up a barbell. They also ask you about your diet and offer solid nutrition advice. Coach Tobias has also encouraged me to identify specific fitness goals, helped me create a plan to reach them, and checked in with me along the way. I am confident that the well-rounded programming and wonderful coaching will continue to help me lose excess weight, gain strength, and feel great!

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