Russell Sewell’s Testimony

12299155_10208128456107823_8938153466164382758_nNo one talked more trash on Crossfit than me, but I was 34 years old and 30 pounds over weight and I knew I had to do something. My sister had recently given Crossfit a try and loved it, which gave me the courage to do it. I had never been a “gym guy”. I didn’t like exercising but I loved being outdoors. So I jumped in with a nervous stomach and fears of puking on someone in the first WOD. Within a week I was hooked. My stress levels were much lower, I had more energy, and I began to look better. Almost two years in and I still love it. Crossfit helped me to hike to 9000 feet on a recent trip at 35 years old. Crossfit has literally changed my life.

To me the “gym” was a place where people go to build muscle to show off, not to use. Flatland Crossfit is a place where I build muscle and learn movements that I use. I golf better, I walk further when hunting, and I’m confident enough now to take of my shirt at the pool. Flatland is truly like a big family that all workout together and cheer each other on in life in general. I feel at home when I walk in, and the staff has always had my respect and trust. My wife and I love Flatland so much she started teaching yoga there. They have helped me reach my potential and strive for more. My strengths are now stronger and my weaknesses are becoming strengths. Flatland has made that possible.


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  1. Way to go Russell! You really helped motivate me on my first WOD in the open and I can’t thank you enough. Your story is inspiring and is a testament to the benefits of crossfit and our Flatland family.

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