Kate Sharon


I decided to start Crossfit a little over two years ago when I moved to Lubbock. I have a friend who is a coach at a Crossfit gym in Vancouver whom I talked to about starting Crossfit. He told me he didn’t know anyone who regretted the decision, which has definitely proven to be true for me. I went to a couple gyms before Flatland that I wasn’t a fan of, but from the moment I walked into the Flatland gym I felt extremely welcomed. Crossfit can be somewhat intimidating if you have never done it before and I think Flatland does a great job at taking away the intimidation but still pushes you to do your best and I felt that way during my first class. Crossfit is great because there is always something new to learn and ways to improve and because of this you are able to achieve goals and have accomplishments all the time, which is extremely rewarding and fun. For me, Crossfit has provided not only a way to stay healthy and in shape but also a genuine interest and has become an integral part of my daily life. Working out at Flatland has improved my health as well as given me a community and some of my best friends. I moved to Lubbock not knowing anyone and I am so glad I joined Flatland for so many reasons.

-Kate Sharon


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