Olivia Boggs


What has Crossfit done for me?

I started back to CrossFit five months ago. Yes I said, started back. I had many medical issues during the time I first started which was in late 2010 or early 2011. During this time I found out that I needed a medical procedure. During the medical procedure they hit an artery and I lost over a liter of blood and almost died. I knew at that time it was going to be forever before I could train again. It was a long road to recovery. I found out that without having trained as much as I did prior to my surgery I probably would not have healed as fast as I did or survived. CrossFit has helped me stay positive and know that no matter what I am thinking, the hardest part is overcoming what your mind is telling you, you can’t do. Anything is possible.

So why Flatland?

I have been part of the Flatland CrossFit family since before it was affiliated with CrossFit. My hubby and I as well as others helped with the naming of Flatland. I have known Flatland to be family since day one. They always have welcomed everyone with a smile on their face and a positive attitude. Flatland has been by my side through many good and bad life events.
Flatland has always put my best interests first. Their main focus in the gym to get healthy and stay safe. They emphasize that form is better than the time you finish in. They take time to show you proper form before every workout.
Flatland also provides many avenues for growth and health. They provide yoga, nutritionists and CrossFit endurance training. I hired Emily as a holistic health coach and since starting back and working with her for two months I have lost over 18 pounds and more than 5% body fat. This in itself speaks volumes in the knowledge and training Flatland can provide.

Day 30

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