Day 24

Only 6 more days left of our paleo nutrition challenge! You guys are doing great and I’ve loved hearing about your successes and reading about what you’re eating. Some of you are doing an awesome job at being creative with your meals so you don’t get bored. With only 6 days left, I’m sure thoughts of Blue Bell ice cream, ice cold beer, and Texas Roadhouse rolls are dancing around in your head. You may even be planning out all the restaurants you need to hit up starting at breakfast on day 31. While there’s nothing ever wrong with having a treat or two, don’t cancel out all the work you’ve put in this month! I’m not talking about gaining back weight or body fat percentage. The benefits of this type of eating reach far beyond that and your body is functioning at a higher, more efficient level than it was before. What I’m talking about is using all your hard work as an opportunity to learn something about your body by reintroducing foods you’ve been avoiding one at a time. Many people discover after a challenge like this that foods they thought they tolerated just fine were actually causing all sorts of pains and problems that they had just accepted as “normal.” Maybe your occasional stomach cramping was actually caused by dairy. Maybe those allergy symptoms you couldn’t shake was an intolerance to gluten. Maybe that afternoon headache had to do with the sugar you consumed during your lunch. But how will you know which foods cause which problems if you flood your system with them all at once? The awesome thing is that your body is your very own FREE experimental laboratory. And now that you’ve spent a few weeks clearing out your system, you have a clean slate to run tests on. So, think twice about having the rolls, beer, and ice cream all at once and as soon as you can. Reintroduce food groups one by one, and really pay attention to how that food makes you feel. This is the perfect time to learn more about what you can eat to ensure you always feel your best. Let me know if you need help making a game plan for day 31 and beyond!

WOD for 02/11/2016
WOD for 02/10/2016

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