Nutrition. It’s a word that is tossed around all gyms, fitness magazines, doctor’s offices, and in everyday conversation. But why do we need it? And if you’re sold out for CrossFit and in the gym every time it’s open, do you really need to focus on proper nutrition? Won’t the hundreds of burpees and thrusters and back squats do the trick for those few extra pounds? Not really. CrossFit (and normal life), places nutrition as the number one building block for ALL physical activities. Check this out:

CF Hierarchy of Development (1)

Nutrition “lays the foundation for fitness and health.” Imagine if the green Weightlifting block was on the bottom of that triangle. Or the Nutrition block was on the very top. While you may be able to ignore nutrition and get away with running off your beer and burritos for a while, eventually all of those pieces of the triangle are going to get too off-balanced and topple over. You’re going to stop seeing physical results, stop feeling better, and no longer see increases in weight loads or decreases in your mile or Fran time. Or worse, you’ll come down with every single common cold floating around, start noticing various aches and pains, and spend hundreds or thousands of dollars at doctors’ offices.

So, now we know the overall “why” when it comes to nutrition. We want to see results, and we can’t get there without putting the right things in our bodies. But this isn’t the only reason. We all have something else that drives us. What is your “why”? Do you want to live to see your great-grandchildren? Officially get off all medications? Be confident in your own skin? Take a few minutes today to figure out your “why” and jot it down somewhere you will see it and be reminded of your ultimate goals. Stay tuned for what to eat to lay that solid nutrition foundation!

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