Ian Spector


What has CrossFit done for me?

After I graduated college I was working a lot, and without realizing it, my clothes became progressively more ill fitting. I was missing the daily routine of playing a sport and being in the gym, bad! I was introduced to Flatland through some friends that went, and I went in feeling pretty good about my fitness level. Needless to say my first WOD changed that thought process, but I was hooked. Crossfit has pushed me far past where I perceived my “limits” were, and has reaffirmed that putting in the work gets you where you want to be. It’s one of the only things that can be so incredibly difficult and frustrating while being rewarding and fulfilling at the same time.

Why Flatland?

That’s an easy one. The coaches and crew here treat everyone like family. There’s no better way to describe the support, attention, drive & camaraderie that radiates from this place. The coaches care more about form & technique, than snapping pictures and sharing status’; And they usually get more excited than you do when you hit a new PR! It’s an incredible place to set goals and have the support to follow them through!

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