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What has Crossfit done for me?

A year and a half ago without realizing it my weight sky rocketed to 300lbs! It was then that I made the decision to start working out and eating a little better. During my journey of losing weight I began to hear about Crossfit, but was still intimidated to even try it to say the least. Finally one day I decided to stop by Flatland with a friend to check it out. After nearly dying doing my first WOD, surprisingly I couldn’t wait to go back and do another one. Crossfit has made me believe in myself more than anything. It has pushed me way beyond what I thought were my “limits” in fitness. I’m now 220lbs thanks to Crossfit and eating healthier. My strength is far greater than it even has been, overall my body feels great. Most importantly Crossfit has helped me mentally. It has made me feel more confident about myself and given me that “I can accomplish anything” mentality during the WODs.

Why Flatland?

This is an easy one. As soon as I walked in the first day I felt welcomed and most importantly not intimidated. Tobias and Jack were to introduce themselves and explain how everything worked around the box. Everyone at Flatland treats you like family and they are there to support you whether you’re first or last to finish in the WOD. The coaches are amazing! They care about everyone’s safety and preach form more than anything. They take their time to get to know everyone and that way they know how far to push someone during a workout. It’s a great community to be a part of. Nobody ever puts anyone down or says anything negative about anyone. It was an easy choice for my family and I to pick Flatland as our Box!

Edgar Barron

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