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What has Crossfit done for you?

Crossfit has been a wonderful addition to my life these last eleven months. Working in a sedentary profession over the last twenty years has provided some great results in my field; however, physical fitness was not one of those results. These last eleven months have made a HUGE impact in my fitness level. I can play more with my kids, my stamina level for doing physical work around the house has increased, and my stress level has decreased. My children also get into the act around the house when dad is doing his workout in the garage.
When I started Crossfit, it was purely a social endeavor. I went with some family members, not expecting to accomplish much in the area of physical fitness. Let’s face it, old fat people and rigorous physical training do not usually become friends. However, I was wrong. You can improve your physical fitness, regardless of your situation.
Four incidents stand out in my mind that are a direct result of Crossfit so far. First, my neighbor rented this giant super heavy yard aerating machine and we had to load it in his truck. I have never been a weightlifter, but we ended up having to put two people on one side and me on the other to lift it in. That would not have happened before.
The second incident was building a large 8×16 shed in my backyard. This would not have happened before Crossfit. Doing manual labor for long periods of time was not in my lifestyle.
The third incident was moving a large coke machine. It was some serious lifting and we were able to move it because I can lift twice as much as I used to. My lifting does not impress weightlifters, but it sure does impress me!
The fourth incident is wrestling time with the kids. There is a greater amount of stamina required to wrestle with all three kids as they grow older and taller. That ability has improved greatly since about month three of Crossfit.

Why Flatland?
The people are the main reason I like attending Flatland. Everybody is supportive. They want you to push yourself safely to achieve better results in your physical fitness. The people that can breathe during the workout are often yelling words of encouragement to the people whose oxygen has temporarily left the building. It is really special to see people reach new heights in their workouts. You find yourself rooting for people and also being impressed by the feats of other people. The trainers are all very talented at helping others, pushing you, and keeping you safe. As a new person, you do not know what to do. Not only are the trainers very helpful in showing you what to do, but the people that work out are also very helpful and supportive.
As a very extroverted human being, it is fun working out with other people. I find myself going to workout when I would rather not because I do not want to let down the other members of my group. I am always glad I went when it is over.
My Crossfit routine goes a little something like this. First, I look at the board and say to myself
“You want us to do what? That is just crazy talk.” Second, I look around and see that everybody else is not leaving. Then I say “well, if they are going to do it, I guess I better give this a shot.” Then I start the workout and say to myself “maybe I can do half of those reps. Then I finish that and am so tired that I can’t possibly walk back to the truck yet so I might as well stay and finish. After I finish, I lay down and imagine how pleasant life would be if I could breathe. Then, I waddle home and try to convince myself that a shower is unnecessary. Then my wife points to the shower and I realize she is so right. Then I lay down and ask myself “why do you do this?”
Fast forward to the next day, I am full of energy and motivation. Can’t wait to end the day with another great workout. Crossfit rocks!

Bryan Moffitt

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